Operations management or OpMan (if you’re cool) can be considered the heart of every business. You’re probably wondering what operations even does though, but hey, you’re reading these notes, and that ignorance won’t last for long.

Essentially, operations, or in easier, friendlier terms, “production”, is all about creating goods and services to meet the consumer’s needs. Basically, you can forget about earning money, hiring workers, and finding a target market if you don’t have a means to create your product in the first place.

This unit will cover a multitude of units, from the concept of quality, lean production, the importance of location, and production methods.

5.1. Operations Management
5.2. Production Methods
5.3. Lean Production and Quality Management (HL only)
5.4. Location
5.5. Production Planning (HL only)
5.6. Research and development (HL only)
5.7. Crisis Management and Contingency Planning (HL only)


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