Marketing! Marketers! They’re the ones responsible for annoying pop-up adds, time-wasting commercials, and ugly billboards! Yet, you probably want to be one since you think you’re all creative and can advertise and that it’s “fun”. Hah, what a joke!

I’m just kidding, but marketing is not all fun and games. It’s not all about promotions and advertising either. In this unit, you will learn the different components of marketing and what is actually involved in this department of the business. In this unit, you will learn all about the 4Ps of marketing, how marketing affects a business, and how a marketing plan is created.

Don’t worry, this is more interesting than I’m making it sound.

4.1. The Role of Marketing
4.2. Marketing Planning
4.3. Sales Forecasting (HL Only)
4.4. Market Research
4.5. The Four Ps

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotions
  4. Place

4.6. The Extended Ps (HL Only)
4.7. International Marketing (HL Only)
4.8. E-commerce



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