Business Basics

Are you wondering what a business is? What makes a business, a business? Do you wonder if all businesses are destined to become soulless, profit-driven corporations?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you (except for that last question… but the short answer is no).

In Business Basics, you will learn about, you guessed it right, the basics of business. The topics here will range from the different business sectors, to sole traders and public limited companies, all the way to the concept of economies of scale. You will also learn about basic business strategy and how to think like an entrepreneur – how to apply different business tools and evaluate business situations using the concepts that we will provide.

1.1. Introduction to Business Management
1.2. Types of Organizations
1.3. Organizational Objectives
1.4. Stakeholders
1.5. External Environment
1.6. Growth and Evolution
1.7. Organizational Planning Tools (HL only)

btanthemanBusiness Basics

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