Human Resources

What is a business without humans? Sure, you can replace all your workers with machines and become a capital-intensive business (learn more about that in Operations!), but there will always be people in the organization. At least, ideally, before the robotic overlords take over. So while that hasn’t happened yet, every businessman should learn how to deal with other people, which is the primary job of the Human Resource department.

In this unit, you will learn all about Human Resources. You will learn all bout motivation, hiring (and firing) practices, and basically how to treat your employees as effectively as possible. Topics will range from motivational theories, leadership and management, to how to deal with employees if they hate you (i.e. conflict resolution).

2.1. Functions and Evolution of Human resource Management
2.2. Organizational Structure
2.3. Leadership and Management
2.4. Motivation
2.5. Organizational (Corporate) Culture (HL only)
2.6. Industrial/Employee Relations (HL only)

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